About Me

My name is Elliot Hunt, I am a Sydney based fashion photographer and I have been in the industry since I graduated from High School, 2011.

I have always been interested in photography, but was always told that no matter how hard you tried that it was an industry you could never crack. I have set out to prove that theory wrong and so far I am doing reasonably well!

I shoot and scout for a modelling agency AVA Model Management, thanks to them I have been able to an unbelievable amount of support and knowledge and I am truly grateful for that!!

A short list of some of my involvement depicting my skills in the industry;
  • iD Under 18’s Music Festival
  • Stylexpose Fashion Show 
  • [Fashion Club] Event Photographer 
  • Fashion Palette S/S Collections 2012
  • George Gross and Harry Who S/S Launch


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