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Fashion Palette 2013
This year I again had the opportunity to cover the Fashion Palette fashion show, it was considerably different this year compared to last year. More designers, it was done in one night versus a few days. However, it went off and as per usual delivered many quality shows and designers. Hyperlinked below are the designers and the links will take you directly to their collections.
Can't wait to see more of them all in the future!


Hey guys, so I don't ever enter competitions, but I entered this last year and I decided to enter again this year, it's quiet funny to see how much I've changed in my photography compared to my entries last year. Anyway, I just wanted to post a link here with my entries. Feel free to check them out and like/share them with your friends and family!

Link to competition: HERE


Through my photography, I was offered a position by Deborah Grey as an intern at AVA Model Management. It has been an amazing role so far, and I have been taught so much about the modelling industry, as well as picked up on many photography techniques.

Here are just a few photos from behind the scenes of a lesson that was held the other day!

For more information about AVA Model Management check out their;

For Modelling Inquiries feel free to email me or the Agency



Photography is all about opportunity, you might be sitting with friends or out by yourself and you might just visualize the perfect frame. This is why you must always be ready in life, either carrying your camera or just in general be ready for an opportunity. Sometimes the window of opportunity is small so you have to jump and take a leap of faith.

These photos were taken in a situation in which I was with friends at a photo shoot. We were having a break outside, just relaxing. I was mucking around with my new camera taking photos of some of the girls. None of the photos were posed, all the poses were natural.

I think they turned out rather well personally, but I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Jess L
Tamara L


Well its a new year and I have decided to commit myself to my blog a bit more and be more active. I want to take a lot more photos and see what I can really accomplish.

Last year was full of opportunity, I shot at the Fashion Palette fashion show where, arguably, I have taken my most successful and beautiful pictures yet.

I have started to shoot for AVA Model Management, where I am now a talent scout and intern.

I was published on an online magazine numerous times.

This year I aspire to plan and and commit myself to an editorial style shoot every month and, fingers crossed, try and get it published!